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Dog Daycare

Are you concerned that your dog is alone too long while you're working? Your concerns are valid.

playmates for webDogs are social animals and need the companionship of people and other dogs. In daycare, your dog will have the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and meet a variety of people.


Why is "socializing" young dogs such a big deal?

We now know that many behavior problems in dogs are caused by lack of “socialization”.  Dogs become well socialized if they are repeated exposed to a variety of people, dogs and things in the environment before they are 6 months old. 

Under-socialized dogs are often described as shy, or “takes time to warm up to people”.   Some don't get along well ith other dogs. Many are afraid of loud noises or sudden movement.  Most people think abuse is the cause of this behavior though rarely the case. 

The best insurance against behavior problems is to take your young dog where he can be exposed to new people, places, and dogs everyday.


Too busy? Doggie Daycare is an excellent way to socialize and exercise your dog.

Lack of physical & mental exercise in young dogs can cause or contribute to hyperactivity, destructiveness, barking and certain forms of aggression.  In our Daycare Program, we allow dogs to run, and run and run! Our indoor play area is 1500 sq. ft., heated and air-conditioned. We also have smaller areas indoors for the little dogs.  We have securely fenced a grassy acre for outdoor play. We also have smaller outside play areas for little dogs.

large-play-yardWe  by provide our daycare dogs with mental stimulation through “environmental enrichment" and training.

Environmental Enrichment consists of activities that serve as outlets for your dog's natural foraging and hunting instincts and problem solving abilities. “Who Moved My Cheese”, a game in which the dog uses his sense of smell to locate hidden treats. Others enriched activities include:

  • Buster Cube, Kong or Roll-A-Treat ball lets your dog use his “hunting” instincts and get exercise, too.
  • Games which provide exercise like Frisbee, fetch and soccer.
  • A variety of toys as well as safe items for chewing and shredding.


Training is dicussed with clients individually and can include obedience commands or modifiying problem behaviors.

Common requests are: coming when called, not jumping on people or counters, stay, crate training, and general obedience


Doggie Daycare with Training

Monday thru Friday, drop off: 8:00-11:00 AM, pick up: 4:00-7:00 PM

While your dog is in our daycare we can help you train your dog!  For example, we can help teach your dog to stop jumping or to come when called.  You decide what commands you would like your dog to learn and we can discuss how we can work on these goals together. 

NOTE: Please e-mail me in advance at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   to sign up for daycare.  In order to insure quality time with each dog, I limit the number of dogs per day. I will contact you to confirm space for your dog on your choosen day. 

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